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Tuesday, July 17, 2012
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Alabama begins new Stay In School Campaign

"This year begins a new baseline by which all future graduation rates can be compared.  At 72% we are not where we want to be, be we own this status and have set an aggressive trajectory for improvement with this data.  We can more accurately identify schools and school systems experiencing the greates problems with graduation rate and strategically align resources to address their needs."

"However, the fight against school dropouts is not one that is waged solely on school campuses.  It affects education, business and industry, the state prison system, and each of our homes and communities.  It will take a combined effort of parents, educators, churches, community leaders, students, and everyone interested in a better tomorrow for Alabama to make sure we stay focused on our goal of seeing every child not only graduate, but graduate on time and prepared with the best education possible."

(Quoted from the Alabama Education News, June 2012, Issue I.)

Note:  The Geneva High School graduation rate for 2011 was 86%.  While this is above the state average, it is not where we want to be.  We can't do it without you and your child.  Parent involvement is a MUST.  Please contact your childs teachers and ask ways that you can help your child succeed.

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